Great Information

I have just purchased a test kit, totally blown away at how very very informative it is....great guidance in making a gradual change.

T.R. (WA)

EASYpH Helps Kids

The pH test kit you sent is great and helped our son immensely with his health – he is recovering from 12 mths unknown illness – recently found out it was Lyme disease (tick bite) and with getting his pH up to the 7’s he is feeling much much better – so thank you.

Laurel S, mum (NSW).

On EASYpH use in clinical consultations

THANK YOU LARISSA! The EASYpH test kit is so easy to use. My clients love it; their health has improved. It has saved me lots of time in my clinic. I recommend every household should have one.

P. MarinelliNaturopath and Biofeedback practitioner (VIC).

Sinus Improvement

Thank you for your excellent book and pH test kit. Reducing my acidity has greatly reduced my sinus trouble. It improves daily.

Thanking You,

Claudia (VIC)

Healthier Life

Thank you so much for your pH test kit and wonderful document. I have changed my diet, which has changed my life. My health has improved enormously.

Yours most gratefully.

Simon (NSW)

Better Lifestyle

The information in your book is fantastic! I have changed my eating habits, I have more energy, am more active, and as a result I now I feel so much better, and sleep more peacefully.

I have also lost 2kg weight since I started using your advice.

Thank you so much for your invaluable help.

Susan (NSW)

Great product and fantastic book!

Congratulations on bringing an excellent product to the market. I have been looking for pH test paper to use for my patients. The booklet is excellent, scientifically researched and written, and very easy to read and understand. I look forward to using and recommending EASYpH test kits in my practice.

Joanne Naturopath (NSW)