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EASYpH Refill Kits now available!

If you just need a high quality pH test kit, without a booklet, then the EASYpH Refill Kit is for you!


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EASYpH does not advocate coffee as it is acid-forming in the body. However Dr Mercola and his associate Ori Hofmekler have presented a very thought-provoking article on why organic coffee, in small amounts, is good for you.

To see the article visit Dr Mercola's website .

"...the pH kit you sent is great and helped our son immensely with his health – he is recovering from 12 mths unknown illness – recently found out it was Lymes disease (tick bite) and with getting his ph up to the 7’s he is feeling much much better – so thank you."

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EASYpH booklet

now updated & expanded !

Includes info on

dental acid-wear

& much more!

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